Sunday, October 28, 2012

FRONT ROW CENTER-- Review: Sensual, Lustful and Passionate

Sensual, Lustful and Passionate, October 28, 2012, 5 out of 5 star review


Trish Jackson (Renown Author) Florida,
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This review is from: Front Row Center (CD-ROM) - IPPY Award-Winner
"Taylor and Paul Allen's marriage of twenty-five years seems to be rock solid. They have a comfortable home, good jobs, are mom and dad to two adorable little toy poodles, and enjoy a healthy sex life. Best of all, they are still deeply in love.

Paul tolerates Taylor's infatuation with world famous singer and sex symbol, Larry Davis, and goes to a concert with her. The singer, Larry, notices Taylor in her front row seat and invites her onto the stage with him. Her innate sensuality captures his attention, and he cannot resist wanting to find out more about her.

The attraction turns into a mutual obsession and Taylor and Larry contrive to be alone together whenever they can. Their mutual respect for the sanctity of her marriage is the only thing standing between them and the ultimate betrayal and creates almost unbearable tension.

Ainsworthe's unique talent enables her to write erotic and passionate sex scenes that capture the essence of the love the partners feel for one another.

If you like love, salacious romance, lustful sex and raw passion heightened by the guilt of betrayal, you'll love this book."--Trish Jackson, renown author/Amazon
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